Prefabricated buildings

Prefabricated buildings are used mostly for offices, also suitable as temporary space for various activities.

Prefabricated buildings are assembled of modules and consist of one or more modules depending on the space required for interior rooms. Framework and all supporting constructions of building are made of hot-rolled steel profiles. Walls and roof of building are covered with standardized sandwich panels. Buildings are preassembled at the factory to give shorter delivery time and faster installation on site. Modularization also offers optimized space utilization and a wide variety of layouts. These modular buildings can be easily extended or relocated in the future.

Main advantages:

• Optimized space utilization
• Wide variety of layouts
• Completely commissioned
• Fast production and commissioning
• Less civil work
• Easy extendibility
• Easy relocation
• Can be adapted to specific architectural solutions
• Powder coating in any desired RAL colour

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